Banking & Claim Settlement

We provide wide range of services to our client and these services include:


  • Health Insurance Claims Management
  • Banking Consultant
  • Pawn Consultant
  • Mortgage Consultant
  • Medical billing services
  • Tax Consultant
  • Claims Settlement Services

Health Insurance Claims Management

Experiencing any type of claim — whether resulting from a natural disaster, cyber-attack, product recall, or injury — can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced risk manager or business leader in today’s complex environment. Proactively managing and resolving a claim is essential to recovering from a loss and improving your bottom line.

TNC Claims Solutions group steps in to work with your team, enhancing specialization and increasing your capacity in a time of need. We proactively identify and advocate improving claim outcomes, working closely with your business and insurers.

Banking Consultant

We provide services in the best interest of our clients by catering to their specific needs. We help our client to open bank account, bank facilities depending on the client’s requirements.

Pawn Consultant

We as Pawn Consultants examine items to ensure quality and functionality, negotiating loan amounts, preparing and signing contractual agreements, handling loan disbursements, selling pawned items, managing sales associates, and maintaining detailed business records.

Mortgage Consultant

We on behalf of our clients negotiate with banks and credit lenders to find the best loan solution that also include marketing of services to lenders and real estate agents. Acquiring new clients and assessing their needs according to their financial information. We act as a go-between for lenders and borrowers in need of mortgage loans.

Medical billing Services

We manage the billing insurance and processing payments for clients, prepare and submit claims for medical procedures and services provided to insurance companies, communicate with patients about outstanding balances, and collect payments for the provider institution.

Tax Consultants

We advise and guides clients on tax-related matters. We work with organizations to ensure they comply with tax laws and help minimize potential tax liability. Our teams have a deep understanding of tax law and accounting principles.

Claims Settlement Services

Once the verification process is completed, and the insurer confirms there is no discrepancy in the claim application, your claim will be settled. The insurer is obligated to settle your claim within 30 days of the submission of all the relevant documents.